Soft Tissue Laser

Sulens Dental is dedicated to providing the best technology to make every visit as comfortable as possible.

Dental lasers allow Sulens Dental to provide advanced care to patients. In some cases, anesthesia use is not even needed. Soft tissue lasers reduce patient anxiety, maximize comfort, and prevent injury during dental procedures. Treatments are less invasive and help conserve healthy tissue when lasers are utilized.

What to Expect with Soft Tissue Lasers:

Soft tissue lasers are useful in the treatment of gum disease, gingival re-contouring, and other types of soft tissue therapy without the need for surgical treatments. They are useful for treating tissue infected with gum disease, destroying bacterial plaque, and adjusting the shape of gum tissues. Even cold sores and ulcers can be treated!

Some benefits of a soft tissue laser use include:

  • No injections or anesthesia
  • Non surgical treatment of gum disease
  • Treatment of ulcers and cold sores
  • Eased anxiety and increased comfort
  • Improved healing with shorter recovery times

Using lasers is very comfortable and requires no injections, numbness, or recovery time. There’s no sound of high-pitched drilling or painful treatment procedures.

Have you been told that surgical procedures were needed to correct your gum problems?

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