Intraoral Camera

At Sulens Dental, we want to involve you in your dental experience.

We want our patients to understand the treatments that we recommend, and why they are necessary. Thanks to intraoral cameras, our communication with patients is greatly increased and the diagnosis is easier to understand. By utilizing high-definition intra-oral cameras, small areas of the teeth can be magnified and placed onto a large monitor inside the treatment room.

Intraoral cameras are useful for:

  • Capturing videos of jaw and tissue movement
  • Taking pictures of problem areas in the mouth and gums
  • Allowing patients to see dental needs firsthand

Know Your Options

Being able to visualize the anatomy and structures of your teeth can help patients make informed decisions about their oral health care. It’s especially useful in areas where patients are not experiencing any symptoms but have been told something is wrong with a tooth. Essentially, it allows us to improve the trust that we have with each of our patients, because they are able to see what we see.

Want some extra confirmation that you are receiving the best dental care?

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