Fluoride Treatments

At Sulens Dental, we can help you prevent tooth decay before it starts.

Fluoride is a widely recognized source of enamel-strengthening minerals. Found naturally in many foods and water supplies, it is widely accessible and extremely effective at preventing cavities. For half a century, health professionals worldwide have recommended its use for the promotion of healthy tooth enamel.

What is fluoride treatment?

Fluoride treatments target weak areas of tooth structure, and are especially important for patients under the age of 18. A professional application allows the enamel to absorb the fluoride mineral, creating a stronger surface to guard against potential decay.

At Sulens Dental, fluoride treatment is offered in several ways:

  • As a standard feature of every exam and cleaning for our younger patients
  • As a recommendation to adult patients if a need is recognized
  • As a supplement for children who live in areas where fluoride is not found naturally
  • For patients with orthodontic devices or high sensitivity, prescription strength gel may be recommended.

Internal fluoride is absorbed through food and water supplies. Ensuring the proper amount of fluoride consumed is important, as too much can cause abnormal discolorations of the teeth and is seen in areas where natural fluoride levels are high.

Fluoride treatments can help prevent cavities.

Along with proper oral hygiene, topical fluoride can be used to prevent decay in patients who experience the following symptoms:

  • Deep pits or grooves in their teeth
  • Areas of gum recession with exposed root surfaces
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Poor oral hygiene habits
  • Increased sugar or carbohydrate consumption
  • Lack of access to fluoride
  • Dry mouth / xerostomia
  • Frequent tooth decay

Questions about Fluoride Treatments?

If you’ve constantly battled any of the problems mentioned above, ask us about adding a topical fluoride treatment during your next visit. Or contact us today with your questions!

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