Dental Sealants

At Sulens Dental, we are happy to offer dental sealants to ward off tooth decay.

Dental sealants are a thin, protective coating placed into the deep bits and grooves in the chewing surfaces of a patient’s back teeth. These areas of the mouth are difficult to clean, and often become easy targets for the development of early cavities and decay. Sealing these surfaces creates shallower areas that are easily brushed and cleaned each day.

Dental Sealants are recommended for:

  • Teens and children: Growing children and teenagers are prone to cavities, and protecting their newly erupted permanent teeth can keep teeth healthy until adulthood.
  • Adults: Healthy tooth surfaces with deep grooves can be affordably protected with sealants in just a few minutes.
  • Baby teeth: Baby teeth decay much quicker than adult teeth. If your child has deep grooves on their primary teeth, we recommend sealing them to prevent pain or discomfort later on.

The application process

Applying sealants takes only a few minutes per tooth, with no pain experienced. Each tooth is cleaned, rinsed, dried, and kept isolated while the sealant is applied to the tooth. A curing light then causes the material to harden. That’s all it takes to protect the back surfaces of your teeth! A sealant can last for several years, but should be checked during preventive care visits to see if touch-ups are needed.

Want to know if dental sealants are right for you?

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