We believe that routine habits are the most important part of your dental care.

At Sulens Dental Studio, we believe that consistency matters in your dental health and recommend that you visit us every six months for a routine check-up. Our team works together to ensure that your family dental visits are always helpful, informative, and friendly. We listen to your oral health goals, explain our actions at each phase of your appointment, and discuss any areas of improvement that we would like to see.

All while treating you like a friend, and never an appointment.

Our practice keeps your smile on track by offering modern care with a personal touch. We offer general dentistry services that build strong routine habits with our patients. Our preventative services include:

  • Regular exams to target early signs of decay or disease
  • Fluoride treatments to strengthen weakened or growing teeth
  • Dental sealants to protect hard to clean teeth from decay
  • Kid-friendly dentistry that makes a dental visit a fun and educational experience

During your routine visits, our dental team will give you unique tips and insights to maximizing the longevity and shine of your smile. We’ll discuss your at-home habits, answer any diet questions you may have, and even recommend over the counter dental products that will keep your smile healthy and clean. That’s just what friends do.

Friendships begin with a smile.

From surprising amenities to a dedicated and personable staff, we passionately believe that you’ll leave Sulens Dental with an ear-to-ear smile after every single appointment.

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