Custom Mouth Guard

Sulens Dental can help protect your smile on and off the field.

No matter what age you are, sporting activities increase your risk of accidental oral trauma. From bruising the tooth to severe dental fractures, sporting accidents are one of the leading causes of dental emergencies.

Choosing to wear a protective mouth guard during your physical activities can:

  • Decrease your risk of suffering a concussion
  • Prevent lip lacerations
  • Protect teeth from being fractured or lost

Why Invest in a Professional Mouth Guard?

A professionally-fitted guard is custom-molded to the athlete’s teeth, allowing it to stay comfortably in place at all times, no matter if you’re talking, drinking water, or hustling down the field or court. The smooth contour makes it easier for athletes to keep in at all times throughout their activity without it interfering with what they’re doing.

How Often Should a New Guard be Made?

Because guards are custom-fitted, they should be re-made anytime there is a change in dentition such as new teeth erupting or growth of the jaw. Most older teens and adults can wear their guards for several years as long as it is properly cleaned and cared for. Younger active children may need new guards made once a year until their facial development is mature.

Why risk the chance of a dental emergency this season?

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