Root Canal Therapy

At Sulens Dental, we can gently restore your teeth from the inside out.

If you are in danger of losing a tooth, endodontic therapy might be recommended to restore your smile. Endodontic therapy, also known as a root canal, is used to repair teeth that have suffered nerve damage due to cavities, infection, or trauma. You might think of root canals as medicated fillings inside of the nerve chamber of the tooth, giving it the support to regain it’s normal function once again.

Root canal therapy is typically a final line of defense for tooth restoration before losing the tooth altogether. Repairing the tooth with a root canal will allow the tooth to continue functioning as if it were still completely healthy.

Root canals are typically prescribed when a patient is experiencing:

  • Abscessed teeth
  • Dead or dying teeth with visible discoloration
  • Chronic tooth pain
  • Large cavities extending into the nerve of the tooth
  • Infection around the end of the root
  • Traumatic injury to a tooth

What you can expect during a root canal procedure:

During a root canal treatment, the tooth is isolated in order to keep it dry during the procedure. Any areas of damage or decay are removed, and an opening into the nerve chamber is created. Damaged nerve tissue is then removed and the chamber of the tooth is cleaned and medicated to prevent re-infection. A filling material is then placed inside of the tooth and the tooth is prepared for a permanent crown to be put into place.

Are experiencing tooth pain?

A root canal may be able to alleviate your pain and give you a healthy smile. Call our office today to schedule an appointment and see if a root canal can help you!

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