Dental Bridges

At Sulens Dental, we can restore the functionality and beauty of your smile with dental bridges.

Fixed dental bridges are a custom-made dental appliance that provides patients with a comfortable solution while replacing a section of missing teeth. Typically made of porcelain, fixed bridges can closely mirror the appearance of surrounding teeth to give patient’s a natural looking smile.

Depending on a patient’s lifestyle and the position of their missing teeth, fixed bridges may provide a permanent solution for many patients.

Dental fixed bridges may be recommended as a means to:

  • Replace a missing tooth or series of teeth
  • Retain the facial profile by preventing a shifting jaw line
  • Prevent misalignment or shifting of other teeth
  • Improve speech and chewing functions due to missing teeth
  • Enhance the cosmetic appearance of teeth

The treatment process:

Completing a bridge usually takes two visits to our office. During the first appointment, the affected area will be gently desensitized and the surrounding teeth thoroughly cleaned and prepared. Our dentists will carefully create an impression of the area so that a customized bridge may be made. The patient will then be fitted with a temporary bridge to fully protect while a bridge is made between appointments.

The placement appointment is usually scheduled within two weeks of the first appointment. During a gentle procedure, a custom-made dental bridge will be bonded into place and secured for a comfortable fit and bit. Bridges are color-matched to the surrounding teeth, leaving patients with a final result that is both durable and beautiful!

Have you suffered from one of the following above?

You could benefit from a dental bridge! We would love to help give you the smile you deserve, so call our office today to set up your next appointment!

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