Zoom Whitening

Let Sulens Dental Studio Care give you bright and radiant smile.

Zoom! Whitening is an in-office procedure that results in dramatically whiter teeth in just one hour. Our in-office treatment is comfortable, quick, and removes years of deep-set stains from the pores of the teeth thanks to Zoom! Professional whitening gel.

In office whitening is great for patients that:

  • Don’t have time for home whitening treatments
  • Are looking for immediate results and whiter teeth in just one hour
  • Have severe, deep-set stains

How does it work?

Small stain particles are oxidized and broken apart when exposed to Zoom! Whitening and our in-office light that amplifies the results. The teeth are dried and isolated before the Zoom! gel is applied. The ultraviolet light is applied to the area for several minutes, causing oxidation of stain particles. The teeth are then rinsed, and the process is repeated. Within just a few applications taking only one-hour, our patients walk out with whiter teeth.

Maintaining Your Results

Sulens Dental Studio provides a home touch-up kit to all Zoom! Whitening patients to help them maintain their results for several years. We recommend touching up your teeth after routine cleaning appointments, or more frequently if you use tobacco products, drink coffee or tea.

Have a big event coming up?

Zoom! Whitening can be just what you need to look your very best. Call our office and schedule your Zoom! appointment today.

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