At Sulens Dental, we can give you an attention-grabbing, radiant smile.

Has drinking coffee through a straw become your go-to method for minimizing stains? Do you brush after every meal but are disappointed with the look of your teeth? Improving the appearance of your teeth is easy with Sulens Dental. We offer composite fillings, sealants, whitening, veneers, and laminates to take your smile to the next level.

Rejuvenate your smile and feel like a brand new person.

We can bring your smile to life and give you a renewed confidence. Our cosmetic dentistry services can give you a fresh new look and:

  • Your smile will appear whiter (which means you’ll probably be flashing it more often!)
  • Your self-confidence will increase
  • You’ll reduce your risk of developing cavities
  • Flaws like broken teeth, worn teeth, and gaps will be concealed

A new you is just an appointment away.

Our cosmetic dentistry options are simple yet effective for improving the look of your teeth. Composite fillings, for example, are typically administered in one appointment. The same goes for our dental sealants. Our in-office whitening treatment? We can substantially whiten your smile in as little as an hour.

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