Refer a Friend – And We’ll Give You $20 Off!

Referring a friend to Sulens Dental Studio is a beneficial choice in more ways than one. You’ll feel great about helping your friends get the dental care they need while earning $20 off your next dental service. What’s more – your friend, neighbor, co-worker or family member will get $20 off their visit as well!

How Our Referral Program Works

Referring a friend, and getting a discount off your next service, is really easy! Here’s how our Refer a Friend program works:

  • Fill out the form to the left or grab a few of our “Signature Smile” referral cards when you leave your next Sulens Dental Studio appointment.
  • Write your name on the back of the card and give it to a friend or a family member. Make sure to tell them why you love Sulens Dental Studio!
  • Your friend, neighbor or family member schedules an appointment with us.
  • When your referred friend or family member comes to their appointment, they bring the “Signature Smile” referral card you gave them with your name on the back. If you filled out the form on the left, we’ll already know!
  • We immediately give your referred friend or family member $20 off their appointment.
  • We’ll mail your $20 off discount coupon to your home address.

The More You Refer, The More You’ll Earn

There’s no limit to the amount of friends you refer, nor is there a limit to the amount of discounts you can receive! The more you refer, the more you’ll earn! Your $20 off discount(s) can be applied to any of our dental services.

Redeem Your Referral Rewards!

We are proud to serve you and appreciate your support. This discount can be used toward the balance of your current bill or toward new services. We look forward to treating you and your friends soon. Recommend a friend and schedule your appointment today!